Questions & Answer Ios/Android Flutter Mobile App

Mobile application built for Question2Answer (Q2A) which is a popular open source Q&A platform for PHP/MySQL, currently running on 24,500+ sites in 40 languages.

What is this for ?
This is a mobile application built on Flutter that you can purchase and create your own Questions/Answers Community ,  Q&A mobile app  helps your online community to share knowledge. People with questions get the answers they need. The community is enriched by commenting, voting, notifications, points and rankings.

Why Mobile Application ?

Mobile app allow users to have easy, functional access to information , More over you can generate much more from Mobile Monitization rather then monizing your website.  This is a a great solution for those who need to quickly build a mobile app where people can ask any question and get answers for free form the community

Beautiful app with exciting pricing

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App Screens

Question Answers Q2A (Quora Clone app) Hybrid IOS/Flutter APP with Light and Dark Mood 

Great Communication, Will work to resolve any issues

What I asked was tougher than it looked and parts of it weren’t feasible but we worked through it and I’m very pleased with the end results. Good communication got us to the end goal. Thank you for your time and dedication to Mission Accomplished!

Great work – delivered exactly what I was looking for. Good comms throughout. Would use again!


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